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On the farm it is possible experiencing also didactic activities for students interested in the production of "farro", a typical product of Garfagnana whose growing is highly protected (has obtained the brand of I.G.P., "Indicazione Geografica Protetta").

Besides "farro", in Campagnola there is an apple-orchard of about 120 trees. It doesn’t produce very big apples but they are extremely juicy. They are picked and left to ripen on straw

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Wheat, corn and chestnuts are grown too. You can have berries and mushrooms which are well-known all over the region. The farm produces apple and chestnut jams, liqueurs made with bilberry, syrups, and vegetables in oil.

"Farro" is undoubtedly the "button-hole" of the Campagnola farm. Part of the products are sold by a consortium of growers and a part by the farm itself.

The remaining area of the farm grows forage for the animals. About ten dairy cows, cows for meat, pigs, poultry and rabbits are bred on the farm and are served at the local farm restaurant.


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